Chronicles of faith - an introduction


I want to encourage you with stories about some of the experiences I have had with God. Yet I have a dilemma. Years ago I decided to stop attending conferences where speakers gave overhyped presentations about how God had so quickly and lavishly blessed their ministry. I am sure many of these men were quite sincere. Somehow, however, their presentations left me feeling a failure. Then I came across stories told by leaders who had gone through trial and suffering but remained faithful. God had met them too, but often in different and less dramatic ways. And so it has been with me. It seems that often it has been at a point of deep discouragement that God does something that shows that he is God!

So I hope these stories will be a blessing and encouragement to you. All of us have access to a relationship where God speaks to us and, from time to time, breaks into our lives to show his glory.